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How Vossen The New Farming is making safe and natural agriculture affordable for every farmer Owning an agriculture business is not often as easy as it sounds. Due to the complexity of managing livestock, crops and the work involved in ensuring that it is properly taken care of, it is now important for farm owners and operators to ensure that operations are always kept in optimal conditions. However, try as they may, no one is able to get this done on his on her own. This is where Vossen The New Farming comes in handy. We help to ensure that...

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The seed potato industry in Southwest Netherlands takes an increasingly important place in the arable area. Reason for CZAV to organize a cooperative seed potatoes study group 'the integrated approach of the seed potatoes' cultivation in that region. Three CZAV-advisors let their light shine about viruses in seedlings, fertilization strategies and virus tests at ground Zwaagdijk. Initially in the first round the growers got a presentation about the biology and control of bacteria diseases in seed potatoes lectured by Jan der Wolf, employee bio-interaction and plant health at WUR in Wageningen. One of the striking conclusions from the virus tests at...

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There has been lots of news messages on how we should be more concerned about sustainability and improving the environment. This also applies to farmers, our small-scale research on social media shows that farmers often are positively engaged with the sustainability and consciously improve conditions for their animals or crops on their farms. Though farmers are often labelled as careless when it comes to the environment.Vossen Laboratories int. B.V. introduces a new platform for the sustainable, future-proof agricultural entrepreneur. The influence of environmental policy grows from fertilisers to pesticides, farmers need to consciously be dealing with a complex, growing web of regulations and...

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