10% Free product - Fair conditions

Dear customer,

Vossen The New Farming attaches great importance to the safety and quality of its products. However, we also consider your personal health and safety to be of paramount importance. Due to the tumultuous Corona year, we have been forced not to be present at fairs and events in 2021. Vossen The New Farming, however, wants you to be able to enjoy the current fair conditions. With a purchase of at least EUR 500 you get 10% of a product of your choice for free. You can find this via our website, our customer service or via your trusted representative. We look forward to seeing you healthy and well at trade fairs and events in 2022.

How to use?
1. Add products to your cart.
2. Go to your cart.
3. Select the product of which you'd prefer to receive 10% free of.
4. Follow the normal checkout steps and the free product will be automatically added to your shipment.