Our story

From humble beginnings as a supplier of high pressure cleaners to dominating the landscape and lives of many farmers worldwide, our opinion is, nature is one of the finest ingredients supplier the world has to offer. 

The beginning

Vossen Laboratories started by founder Jacques Vossen in 1976 and has since grown to a multionational company through hard work and dedication. Our core line started with cleaning products and has now expanded to healthcare, concept development and knowlegde sharing. You can find everything online at www.vossenagriculture.com. Our offices are located in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. All of our products are made in our lab after careful research and testing. 


Farming is a tough business, however new technologies offer opportunities. That is exactly what we value at Vossen. We see shifting farm structures, large transfer of farm assets to younger producers will occur soon. The average farmer is 57 years old, and 30% are over 65. Following that trend, an acceleration in technology will be seen. Agtech is developing rapidly, autowatering systems and drones are becoming more common. Environmentalism’s influence grows from fertilizer to pesticides, farmers have to be mindful of a complex, growing web of regulations and governmental restrictions. We understand farmers, we support futuristic farming and changing environments with our safe products. 


We are committed not only to bringing you the best nature based products we can find but also the best information. Every day we find innovative solutions to make farming even easier for you because we care about the quality of our products. New situations and new environments demand new approaches. Along with straightforward and natural health prevention programs, we share our knowledge with our customers. Together we stand for achieving goals. Our goals are set with our customers. Customers value lower labor costs and higher output which means more profit. Our company values a natural way of working, without dangerous and damaging chemicals. Our premium ingredients will help work towards a world without pesticides or antibiotics. Which also helps warranting food safety for the end consumer.
The New Farming means that we leave behind old methods that farms used the past years. We prepare farms for the future. The future will bring climate regulations and restrictions by law for farmers. The products we offer are future proof. We professionally serve farmers all over the world. Our products are smart, durable and safe. We help farmers focus on the environment. We take care of farm health and hygiene so farmers can spend their time on innovating their company.
We supply our customers with safe and environmentally friendly products. We offer products to improve farm health and hygiene. Our products are high quality and only created from premium ingredients. Our products offer a way to a world without antibiotics and pesticides. We offer complete solutions as we share our knowledge with farmers. This means that we work together with farmers to create a plan towards more output and lower costs. Farmers can contact us at any time and can make use of our specialists who will give free advice at any time. We help farmers prepare their farm lifestyle for the future.