Members of the Vossen The New Farming Club can earn points and will be rewarded on the basis of certain actions such as purchasing products, liking and sharing social media content and referrals to potential customers.


Earning The New Farming Points means earning discounts on your next purchases. Our club members will be given the opportunity to share our content, refer friends and get personalized promotions in return for the earned The New Farming Points.


By signing up for the Vossen The New Farming Club you will receive points every time you place an order on our webshop. You will immediately receive 100 points. In addition, you can earn additional farm supplies.


  • 1 point per €1 
  • Every 1000 points = €10 discount
  • Get rewarded by following us on Instagram and Facebook! Or invite a friend and get immediately 25 points! Your friend immediately receive 15 points
  • Every member receives free gifts and useful tools on 3500 points, 9000 points and 25000 points 
  • In addition to the program we offer monthly promotions, which our members benefit from both simultaneously.
How can I become a member?

Any existing or new customer can become a member of The New Farming Club. Just click on this link and create an account. You can follow your process anytime in your account. Also, discounts will be automatically applied to your bill.

How to recieve more discounts?

There are two ways to get more discount as a member. One way is to buy larger quantities, you automatically get more discount, immediately on the price per liter. The second way is to earn more points, which gives you more discounts and free gifts.