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Udder care product for external use only. This product smoothens the udder skin, supports the blood flow and promotes drainage of dirt.

When to use the product?

Mastitis, or inflammation of the udder, can have significant influence on the performance of dairy cattle. Even in well managed stables, on average 15% of the cattle are infected with the mastitis bacteria. Up to 75% of the cattle in poorly managed stables can be infected with mastitis.
Mastitis infected quarters produce between 15% and 30% less milk, as compared to healthy quarters. Mastitis in dairy cattle can't be completely prevented, but its frequency, severity and the economical losses caused by this disease can be drastically reduced by using the right products and hygienic prevention.

How does the product work?

The inside of a healthy udder is free of bacteria. The teat canal closes in between milking times and also when the cow is dry. It acts as a seal that protects the inside of the udder from the outside. Mastitis bacteria invade the udder almost always through the teat canal. In a few cases bacteria can also enter the udder tissue directly from infected wounds and from the blood when the cow has fever. Wrong hand milking (forced stripping) or incorrect machine milking (faulty teat cups, fluctuating vacuum) cause injury to the teats every time an animal is milked. This progressive weakening of the teat tissue reaches a point where the teat canal can no longer close completely. It loses its role as a barrier to protect the udder against outside bacteria in between milking times. When an udder is infected by mastitis bacteria and is inflamed it produces inflammation cells. Therefor it is extremely important to work as hygienic as possible.

A high number of these cells is a clear sign of mastitis. The high number of cells can be detected by examining a milk sample from each quarter.

Why is this product advantageous?

This product is especially designed to support health udders for optimal lactation of cattle. Mentha Piperita oil has a cooling effect which helps improve the blood circulation of the teats and udder. This product cleans the udder and assists every therapy providing additional care. After 2 to 3 days of application, the udder tissue regains its natural resistance, which will improve milk quality and overall health.


Mentha Piperita on oil basis.


Put 20 drops in the palm of your hand and rub it on the sore part of the udder. Repeat this twice a day for 3 days.