Bio Rein

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  • Stable cleaning product.
  • Effective removal/cleaning of organic and inorganic dirt. 
  • Lowers pH and therefore infection pressure. 
  • Not harmful in the processes of the manure pit.


  • Apply Bio Rein, (5 – 20% diluted with water), in a high pressure cleaning machine. When a foam gun is used it might not be necessary to dilute Bio Rein (water is added automatically). 
  • Spray the solution on the surface that needs to be cleaned.   
  • Depending on the amount, type and “age” of pollution, leave it to work for 60 minutes.
  • Spray the surface clean with tap water.  
  • If necessary repeat this application. 


  • Take necessary safety precautions when handling the neat product. 
  • Bio Rein is not harmful for the bacteria in the manure. 
  • When a foam gun is used (on the high pressure cleaner), a white foam will develop. 
  • Bio Rein fits in every HACCP management system.

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