Bio Rein Poultry

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More about this product


Stable cleaning product. Effective removal/cleaning of organic and inorganic dirt. Additionally it lowers pH and therefore infection pressure. This will result in significant germ reduction.

When to use the product?

Bacteria are everywhere: in soil, in water, on animals and on humans. Increasing demands by retailers and manufacturers for high quality raw material, a greater level of public awareness on food quality together with stricter food safety legislation in almost all countries, are making increasing demands on farm products. Products are expected to have the highest hygienic quality.

How does the product work?

The acidity of our cleaning products, doesn't only clean the surface, on top of it, it will also reduce the presence of hazardous germs. This guarantees a clean and hygienic environment for animals and animal output, as well as for the farmer.

Why is this product advantageous?

In intensive modern housing where high density and high productivity increases the infection pressure, it is important to use the right farm cleaner. Thorough cleaning and adapted disinfection decreases the pathogen level and prevents or breaks the disease cycle. Acidic cleaners will balance risks and create an ultimate hygienic environment.

This product fits in every HACCP management system, and most importantly is not harmful for the bacteria in the manure. Also this product is environmentally friendly.


Organic and anorganic acids. Foaming agent.


Put Bio Rein, (5-20% diluted with water), in a high pressure cleaning machine. When a foam gun is used it might not be necessary to dilute the Bio Rein (because than, water is added automatically).
Spray the solution on the surface that must be cleaned.
Depending on the amount, type and “age” of pollution, leave it to work for 60 minutes.
Spray the surface clean with tap water.
If necessary repeat this application.