Calf Boost (6 liter)

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More about this product


Complementary feed for calves which efficiently promotes better appetite, growth development and digestion. This product supports the function of the intestines supports the overall condition of calves. A calf complementary feed is a high level vitamin and trace mineral supplement especially formulated to meet the needs of young growing calves.

When to use the product?

Young calves are "monogastric", meaning it has a single stomach like mankind. This is designed to digest milk. It takes about 2 to 3 weeks to get the calf’s rumen to develop so that it can digest fibre, which is what ruminants with their four stomachs are designed to do.

How does the product work?

The reason farmers want calves to become ruminants fast, is to reduce the costs of rearing. Energy in meal is much cheaper than energy in milk or milk substitutes. To get the rumen developed quickly, the calf needs to eat fibrous feeds such as hay, silage and concentrates made from grains and other byproducts. This will encourage the growth development of microorganisms in the small rumen.

Why is this product advantageous?

Minerals and vitamins are necessary as a small percentage of dietary nutrients for calves. They are very important in calve's nutritional programs for animal function, such as bone development, immune function, and the nervous system function. With annual cost of production per cow generally being several hundred euros, the cost of a high-quality mineral and vitamin supplement program is a relatively small investment.


FEED ADDITIVES: Preservatives: lactic acid (E270) 4.7%, propionic acid (E280) 0.7% formic acid (E236) 0,001%.

<1% crude protein, <1% crude fibre, <1% crude fat, <1% crude ashes, <0.5% lysin, <0.5% methionin, <0.05% sodium.


Per calf per day for 10 to 14 consecutive days.

20 ml in the morning and 20 ml in the evening via the milk.