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An organic liquid fertilizer to use on agricultural crops. Helps crops will take in and utilise nutrients better. Helps to build resistance of crops and crop condition will remain steadier and positively balanced.

When to use the product?

Agricultural crops are sensitive to all kinds of infections and bacterial diseases. Naturally, crops get more sensitive for all these diseases when not having an optimal condition. Therefore it is important to make the crop as strong possible, always preferably in an organic way, so it is resistance against all bad influences from the inside and outside.

How does the product work?

Fertilized on agricultural crops like onions, potatoes and all other kinds of crops, will enhance the plants condition and will optimize the intake and utilization of all nutrients the crop needs.

Why is this product advantageous?

Seaweed extracts are known for the enhancement of yield on several plants. In combination with other herbal extracts, that empowers the seaweed extract, all kinds of agricultural crops will have a better resistance against bad external influences and a better intake and utilization of nutrients.


Water, seaweed extracts and herbal extracts.


Mix Herbali Plus with the specific amounts per agricultural crop; see below) per ha. with 200-400 litre tapped water in a fertilizer and spray over the crop in the field.
Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litre/ha
Just before tuber setting: 2 litre/ha
Starch potatoes:
With the planting machine/at the hardening of potatoes: 4 litre/ha
Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litre/ha
At the 8th stadium of leafs: 2 litre/ha
Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litre/ha
At the formation of the onion: 1 litre/ha
Halfway the growing period (+/- half formation of the onion): 1 litre/ha
Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litre/ha
At the second or third stadium of leafs: 2 litre/ha
Within 10 days after sowing: 2litre/ha
T2 stadium, last layer of leaf stadium: 2 litre/ha
During weed control: 3 litre/ha
At the early development of grass in springtime: 2 litre/ha
Autumn: 2 litre/ha

Note: This natural product can contain some sediment, which dissolves completely when diluted with water. Do not apply in strong sunlight as there could be a chance of burning leafs.