Herbali Special

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Liquid organic fertilizer for agricultural crops. 

  • Optimal intake and utilisation of nutrients. 
  • Supports condition and natural resistance.
  • Supplements plant important minerals and trace elements.


Mix the Herbali Plus-amounts indicated below per ha. (per crop) with 200 - 400 litre tap water in the spray tank and spray it evenly over the field/crop. 

  • Potatoes – Starch:  
    • Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litre/ha. 
    • Just before tuber setting: 2 litre/ha. 
    • With the tuber machine / before putting sand over the potatoes: 2 liter/ha. 
  • (Sugar)beets: 
    • Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litre/ha. 
    • At 8 leave stadium: 2 litre/ha. 
  • Onions: 
    • Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litre/ha. 
    • At union formation: 1 litre/ha. 
    • Halfway in the growing period: 1 litre/ha. 
  • Carrots: 
    • Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litre/ha. 
    • At 2nd – 3rd leave stadium: 2 litre/ha. 
  • Grains/cereals: 
    • Within 10 days after sowing: 2 litre/ha. 
    • T2 stadium (last leaves development): 2 litre/ha. 
  • Maize: 
    • With weed control: 3 litre/ha. 
  • Grass: 
    • At early grass development in spring time: 2 litre/ha. 
    • A week before the last cut in autumn time: 2 litre/ha. 


  • This natural product could contain some sediment, which dissolves completely when diluted with water. 
  • Do not apply in strong sunlight (chance of burning leaves).
  • Herbali Special is registered on the Dutch input list for organic farming.


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