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More about this product

How does the product work? This Product is only available in The Netherlands due to law restrictions.

Allowed only to use as a cleaner for green dirt. Treating paved surfaces and equipment in addition to water in combating green dirt is not allowed. This product is toxic to fish and other water organisms.




In horticulture

To remove green dirt on windows and materials in empty greenhouses and department stores. Thoroughly spray or brush with a solution of 2.5% (2500 ml to 100 litres of water). After several days of dead algae, algae, dirt etc., delete with pressure sprayer.

To prevent green dirt on windows and materials in empty greenhouses and department stores

a. On clean windows: spray with solution of 2.5% (250 ml to 10 litres of water). Related to the absence of harmful aftereffects and the low residue, should not be sprayed off.
b. If windows (including flat glass) are cleaned by hand, it is sufficient to clean with a solution of 1.5% (150 ml per 10 litres of water).