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More about this product


pH-neutral general cleaner for the common pollutions that are found on all wet cleanable surfaces.

When to use the product?

Selecting the correct cleaner that does not harm specific surfaces is important for the durability of machinery and surfaces. Also using a product that has a wider range of cleaning applications makes it an easy addition to the product shelf!

How does the product work?

The pH-neutral cleaner is safe and effective in use and is generally applicable. Think of wet surfaces like floors, machines as well as a dish wash!

Why is this product advantageous?

As mentioned before, it can come in handy to have a cleaner that is generally applicable. Because it’s a safe and pH-neutral product that is effective on different occasions it makes it an easy-going product to use. No need to be afraid to clean off a little dirt on a surface that you didn’t really plan on cleaning, it won’t do any harm. The cleaner is pretty foamy, which makes it easy to see which part of the surface has been cleaned already. Besides, chalk rich water won’t give any problems and the product is not corrosive after dilution.


Mixture of detergents.


Use the foamy cleaner in a dilution of 1:50 (200 ml with 10 liter) until 1:200 (50 ml with 10 liter), depending on the degree of pollution. Use a sponge, mop, towel or brush to clean the surface and rinse with cleaner water afterwards.