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A high quality oil additive based on nanotechnology. The product contains the “Security Break Complex” (SBC). The product is suitable for engines, transmissions and gearboxes. It reduces shock, friction and wear, extending the life of your engine, transmission or gearbox. Get your vehicle running like never before!

  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Extends the lifetime of your engine

Oil F1 is a very high-quality oil additive, specially developed by Vossen Laboratories for combustion engines, transmissions and gearboxes. Oil F1 is the first oil additive produced in the Netherlands that has been developed on the basis ofnanotechnology. It contains no inert components such as Teflon (PTFE) and graphite and is PFAS-free.

After addition, Oil F1 mixes with the oil already present and will thereby initiate an active connection with moving metal parts (piston walls, piston rings, bearings, bearing shells, valves, turbos, compressors, rotating parts, etc.). This connection is impermeable and ensures an adherent film layer on the metal parts. This protects the heavily loaded parts and also repairs minor damage. Due to the "Security Brake Complex" (SBC), wear is greatly reduced and even reduced to nil during cold starts. 
This makes Oil F1 very effective and also suitable for engines that are heavily loaded or partially inactive engines, such as boat engines, motorhomes, motorcycles, etc.


Add 40-60 ml of product for every liter of oil. When you change the oil, you must add the product again.

Protect Against Disadvantages E10 Petrol

Since October 2019, all EURO95 fuel in the Netherlands has been provided with 10% bioethanol (E10). Although cleaner for the environment, in many situations worse for an internal combustion engine. For example, the percentage of bioethanol has doubled from 5 to 10%. So 1 liter of bio-ethanol (= alcohol) has been added to every 10 liters of fuel! Many classics and modern motorcycles, scooters or jet skis experience a lot of trouble as a result, even causing engine damage. Another disadvantage is that bioethanol attracts moisture, the more bioethanol, the greater the chance of moisture. When the engine is stationary, this moisture can act, resulting in internal corrosion.


Oil F1 does its job in an engine or transmission. In short, you don't see what it does, but you notice it! Vossen has achieved a great breakthrough by applying nanotechnology. With Oil F1, the so-called "Stick-slip" is greatly reduced. Stick-slip is the static resistance that must first be overcome when starting a movement. Especially in an engine or transmission there are many moving parts. The lower this static resistance, the better the efficiency. And you will notice!

The advantages of Vossen Oil F1:

  • Lower fuel consumption, at least 7% to 15%.
  • Protection against the disadvantages of E10 petrol.
  • Less internal wear, lower maintenance costs.
  • Very suitable for heavy loads, also for trucks, shovels, etc.
  • Security Brake Complex, protects engine at cold start.
  • Reduces "Stick Slip" (static friction).
  • Extends oil life due to less pollution.
  • Less carbon bonding (piston rings, valves).
  • Engine runs smoother and quieter.

Trial Results

Over a period of 8 months, tests were carried out on various trucks used in special road transport. The choice was made to take a representative sample of old and newer trucks from different brands. The trucks were always driven by the same drivers, fed the same fuel and the drivers were not informed of the addition of Oil F1. The average efficiency showed a fuel saving of 7 to 9.5%, with peaks of up to 12.5%! Would you like to know more about the tests or get started with the product yourself? Please contact us.

SDS Report

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