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More about this product


Greasy machines can leave a layer of dirt behind. Dirt that is not easy removable as is sticky and quickly attached to a surface. Using a strong alkaline product to clean in combination with degreasing elements will make sure floors, walls and machines will become ‘as new’ again.

When to use the product?

When in need of a safe cleaning and degreasing product to get rid of all dirt like grease and other bad contamination, use Starwash Agro. In case of the surface being aluminium, do not use. It is important when cleaning a painted surface, to first test Starwash Agro on an unimportant and invisible part of the surface.

How does the product work?

Working in a clean environment is important and is getting even more important nowadays. Extreme dirt like grease can be a burden to get rid of. Starwash Agro is a very powerful cleaner and degreaser that can get rid of all extreme dirt.

Why is this product advantageous?

Starwash Agro can get rid of very heavy contaminations off machines, like tractors and other agricultural machines and vehicles. In addition, the product is biodegradable, which makes it an extra easy product to use in combination with the wide variation of objects and surfaces it can be used on; floor, walls and machines.


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Dilute with water between 1:10 and 1:200 depending on the degree of pollution. Spray this dilution on the to-be-cleaned surface. When treating a heavily contaminated surface, use a brush. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse the surface thoroughly with water.

Note: Do not use on aluminium. Painted surface: test in advance on an invisible spot.