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Cleaning teats and skin regularly and preventative can avoid lactating animals from getting certain negative outside influences.

When to use the product?

Bacteria spreading insects and other outside negative influences can cause many problems to lactating animals. Another problem can be bad weather conditions that will make the skin dry and could eventually cause damage to the skin. Take care of the udder by keeping it clean at all times and to keep the skin smooth and healthy.

How does the product work?

The dual effect of both cleaning and smoothening of the teat and skin will maintain a healthy teat. The ideal situation would be to clean the teat before milking with a pH neutral cleaning product followed by the treatment with Udder Care after the milking process.

Why is it advantageous?

Lanolin is widely known for playing a role in skin hygiene. Lanolin and its derivatives are commonly used in the protection of the skin. Lactic acids cleans and lanolin, glycerine and bisabolol nourish.


Lanolin, glycerine, herbal extracts, and lactic acid.


It’s to quickly stir or shake the product before using it. Dilute 1:9 with tap water and apply the solution after milking by spraying or dipping the teats. In case of negative weather conditions (weather that could cause skin damaging), we advise a 1:5 solution.

Note: Diluting Udder Care with hard water (chalky water) can cause the development of some sediment in the solution. However, this has no negative influence on the effect of the product.