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Complementary feed for cows, calves and bulls. A wide variety of feed additives with important acids and flavouring compounds for an optimal health and condition of the animal.

When to use the product?

It’s important for all cows, calves and bulls and all other animals to eat sufficiently. Besides, it is essential that the feed they take in, will be digested as good as possible, so all nutrients are taken in well by the body. In order for the animal to eat properly, the palatability of the roughage should be good. The mix of flavouring compounds takes care of this palatability and additionally adds a positive impact on the digestion in the mouth and stomach.

How does the product work?

The mixture takes care of the taste and palatability of roughage by containing ingredients such as flavouring compounds. To add a positive impact to the digestion in both the mouth and stomach, several kinds of acids are added.

Why is this product advantageous?

Acids essential to the digestive organs are added as preservatives. A regular and daily dosage added to the diet of the animal can take care of a stable digestion of roughage by positively impact the digestion in the mouth and stomach, as well as improve the palatability of the roughage. Lactic acid can improve the lactic digestion, that plays a role in preventing and treating e.g. diarrhea and act on the immune system by helping the body to resist and fight infection. Propionic acid is an acid that is produced by cows in their own rumen as a major side product of natural digestion. Bacteria in the bovine stomach release this acid from the cellulose in the grass they eat. All ingredients naturally aid in a normal digestive organ system.


Preservatives: 4.9% lactic acid (E270), 0.9% propionic acid (E280), 0.001% formic acid (E236). Flavouring compounds: 17.6% mixture of flavouring compounds.


Use following amounts per animal per day aside their usual feed:
Cows: 7.5 ml for every 1000 kg milk produced per year.
Bulls: 50 ml.
Calves: 30 ml.

Note: A regular and daily application is important for optimal results.