VOSSEN Stable Disinfectant

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* Only available in The Netherlands and Belgium

Legal instructions

Only permitted to use as a mean to combat bacteria (excluding Mycobacteria and bacterial spores), yeasts and fungi on hard surfaces in animal housing and associated spaces, excluding vehicles for animal transport.


Don’t allow the product to get in direct contact with animals during application, rinsing and drying. Keep away from food, drink and animal feed during application, rinsing and drying. In order to prevent a reduced functioning of an Individual Waste Water Treatment (IBA) when applying this product on the farm, waste residues containing the product must be discharged into the manure cellar. The product is intended for professional use only. The product dilution can be applied with a cloth, mop, sponge or by soaking. The product must be diluted and refreshed daily. Use as much liquid as possible, so the surfaces stay wet during the whole procedure of disinfecting. Rinse with clean water and let it air-dry.

  • Cheapest on the market
  • Safe disinfectant developed for cattle farms, poultry farms and pig farms
  • Safer to use and more environmentally friendly than any other product  on the market
  • Combats all kinds of bacteria, yeasts and fungi in animal housing
  • For optimal farm hygiene
  • Authorised for the disinfection of animal housing

  • Application in animal housing places and associated spaces:

    First, thoroughly clean surfaces and materials that need to be disinfected. If necessary, use a cleaning agent and then rinse with water. Remove any excess liquid. Do not use for combined cleaning and disinfection.

    Bacteria, yeasts and fungi:

    Usage ratio: 3% (top up 30 ml with water to 1 liter)

    Minimum exposure time: 30 minutes

    Resistance management:

    Due to possible resistance development and cross-resistance to antibiotics, it is recommended to periodically check the effectiveness of the disinfection.

    Alternate the use of VOSSEN Stable Disinfectant with agents based on multiple and other active substances.


    The product becomes ineffective when it gets in direct contact with soap or synthetic detergents.


    Didecyldimethylammonium chloride: 6.9%

    Toxicological group(s): quaternary ammonium compound


    Appearance: Transparent liquid

    Color: None

    Odor: Characteristic

    Density: 1.06 g / ml

    pH (1% solution): ± 11