Bio Even Poultry

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Air cleaning product for animal housing.

  • Lowers pH and therefore infection pressure.
  • Positive influence on digestion (oral application).
  • Support in cases of a cold (fogging).

User instruction:

  • Use fogging machine. 
  • Mix Bio Even with (preferably warm) water 1:10. 
  • Use 1 litre end mixture per 100 m3 stable content. 
  • Fog Bio Even 2 to 3 times a week. Start in the back of the stable and walk backwards out (so you do not breath it in yourself too much). 


  • Do not fog near animals with respiratory problems. 
  • Do not fog directly on the animals. 
  • Do not enter the stable for 10 to 20 minutes after fogging. 
  • Take necessary precautions when handling the neat product. 

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